10,000 yuan in the end is expensive laser TV this price is not outrageous

Berg JUL 19,2021

      Hisense 80L9D has 4K resolution, the screen display ability is very good, plus this product smooth intelligent system, the overall competitiveness of the product is very strong. Although the price but more than 10,000 yuan is more expensive, but not outrageous, because it brings the experience is also upgraded.

      Hisense 80L9D full color laser TV is equipped with the industry's first triple primary color laser light source, achieving a 205% BT.709 color gamut, which is completely at the top of the industry. The color effect of this machine is really good, the picture color is real and natural, very close to the real scene seen by the naked eye.

      Hisense 80L9D full color laser TV also has 4K resolution and HDR technology, the picture is clear and sharp, even on a really large 80" screen with excellent picture quality. Tiny parts such as the fur of animals and the patterns on walls are clearly visible. This product is paired with a Fresnel bionic screen that reflects off the ambient light to ensure the contrast of the picture. Even in a bright living room, you can watch the show normally.