Adding WeChat payment, Xiaomi Band 6 is more versatile!

Eldred AUG 06,2021

    The Xiaomi Band 6, which broke a million sales in less than a month after its launch, has been loved by people.

    In terms of appearance, the Xiaomi bracelet 6 for the first time in the bracelet using shaped cutting technology, equipped with a 1.56-inch AMOLED runway full-screen, display area increased by 50%, 326PPI reached the retina level, support dynamic color display.

    In terms of functionality, Xiaomi Band 6 adds a new blood oxygen saturation monitoring function that supports nighttime opening and continuous measurement, aids sleep monitoring, and provides health reports based on heart rate changes and blood oxygen changes during sleep to determine the quality of breathing during sleep.

A few days ago, Xiaomi's bracelet is happy to upgrade again, bringing the WeChat payment function, with a daily payment limit of 1000 yuan, the same as the single limit of Alipay, which is one-tenth of the daily limit of Alipay.

    In addition, the update also added Greek, Vietnamese, Romanesian, Dutch, Indonesian and a new flashlight function.

    Such a cheap and good Xiaomi bracelet 6, you really deserve to have!