AGM takes you back to the year 2000 with an in-depth review of how "hard" core the M7 is

Clay SEP 02,2021

Nowadays, the first thing that comes to mind when mentioning cell phones is a giant screen, followed by an unparalleled sense of operating experience, but with the booming development of smartphones, the glorious era that once belonged to feature phones is just covered. Right now, along with the high-pressure work and living environment in big cities, more people are willing to pursue poetry and faraway places while they are busy, surrounded by happiness and danger at the same time; smart phones, although fully functional, are more like a "vase" in the harsh natural environment, and what is really needed outdoors is not smart but like Nokia. "What is really needed in the outdoors is not a smart but a functional machine like Nokia.

Although "rugged" seems to be only four words, it is not easy to do. The AGM is a well-known domestic manufacturer of three-proof cell phones, and its feature phone series is very popular, with reliable quality and complete functions! In order to further highlight the tough guy image, also chose Wu Jing as the brand's spokesman, had in 2017, 2018 joint "war wolf 2" "space rescue" cooperation launched a customized version of the model.

Retro appearance & simple configuration

As a feature phone AGM M7 does not have a gorgeous appearance, everything is based on practicality. The front of the device has a 2.4-inch LCD touch screen, and the top bezel is not only designed with bangs, but also has the earpiece cleverly integrated into it; the top right of the screen is also equipped with a front-facing camera for WeChat calls, and the bottom of the screen is the familiar nine-pattern physical keyboard, with the keys not only having a convex surface, but also having very large digital content, which is more convenient for the elderly.

The AGM M7 has a 109dB 3.5W power speaker on the top of the back, and only four exposed screws to show its hardcore status; it also has a 2MP rear camera on the back, which is a small but complete feature.

AGM M7 is designed with humanized shortcut keys on the left side of the body, long press to quickly open the flashlight, music, camera, without entering the system it will understand what you want. In addition, the top of the body is equipped with a flashlight with LED light source, with it no longer afraid of the dark; AGM M7 also uses a removable battery, no longer anxious about battery life.

The bottom of the M7 body, because of the waterproof and dustproof characteristics, AGM specially added a layer of protective soft plug in the location of the Type-C charging hole, usually do not need to charge when you can buckle up, forming a tight protection, I think this is also the most praiseworthy detail design of the AGM M7, but also for us to carry out "violence test I think this is the most praiseworthy detail design of AGM M7, but also for us to carry out "violence test" to bring more confidence.

Under the retro look of the M7, we see that AGM has interpreted a feature phone with its own design. The hard and straight lines of the body are in line with the brand's tone, after all, ruggedness and durability is the hard truth.

Triple defense is really "strong"

As its biggest highlight, "triple defense" has always been a concern for all users. This time, we will simulate as deep as possible to restore in the field, in the extreme cold, in the sand and gravel conditions, a series of brutal and violent tests on AGM M7, together to see how long it can carry in such a brutal environment.

Anti-drop test, stress reliever

In this experiment, a total of 4 different road surfaces were selected for testing, respectively, plastic runway, asphalt inside, concrete pavement, tile floor, the test height of about 1.5 meters, as far as possible to restore the phone free fall when the posture.

Plastic runway simulation of free fall during exercise
Asphalt floor simulating free fall
Slow motion
Concrete floor simulating free fall
Slow motion
Indoor tile floor simulation free fall
Slow motion
Asphalt floor simulating free fall×5

We can clearly see from the 1.5m drop test experiment, when the phone touched the ground a moment, there is a fall back to the ground and then drop process, it can be seen that the impact is still quite strong, after repeated tests, AGM M7 only in the corners of the phone appeared bump marks, even so it does not affect the normal use of all the functions of the phone.

Waterproof and immersion, no pressure

The AGM M7 supports both IP68 and IP69K waterproofing, with IP68 waterproofing allowing for 30 minutes of immersion in 1.5 meters of water. In addition, it also supports IP69K, where the meaning of "K" indicates that it can withstand the hot steam, in layman's terms, it can withstand the high pressure of hot water. In the case of water pressure 100 bar, temperature 80 ℃, at different angles (0, 30, 60 and 90 degrees), withstand 30 seconds and 120 seconds of impact and still be able to prevent the entry of water.

First, the AGM M7 was subjected to a 10-minute flush test;

In the test, the choice of booster faucet, the water pressure is greater, and the amount of water and water flow is relatively high. The screen of the AGM M7 was lit first, and the phone was flushed repeatedly under the faucet for ten minutes, and the phone was still working normally after removal, without the phenomenon of the phone's black screen or touch failure, and without affecting subsequent use.

After the flushing of the body, the residual water droplets also slid off, not clinging to the surface of the body for a long time; this is because the use of nano-waterproof technology on the M7's body shell, the use of nano-coating gap is small, the principle of water can not penetrate the residual water droplets condensed into water droplets rolled off or waiting for evaporation. In addition, there are many waterproof structure design, such as sealant, waterproof rubber pad ......

Next, a more brutal freezing realization will be carried out, the phone will be frozen on the basis of immersion, simulating whether the phone can be used normally in the extreme cold state.

First of all, the phone will be immersed in water 360° without dead ends;

Then put the phone into the freezer and turn on our timer.

After two and a half hours of freezing experiments, the phone has been successfully frozen by us, although the screen does not show the image, we guessed that the low temperature may lead to increased power consumption, measured before the phone remaining power 10%, through the test recommended that we use the M7 in too cold temperatures or need to prepare a few more batteries.

The ice block will be smashed open first check the phone battery compartment has not been subject to water.

Because the battery compartment uses a double-layer design, the sealing performance of the layer near the battery is very strong, even after two and a half hours of immersion, the battery has not been violated.

The phone will be powered on, the phone normal boot screen is still in the stopwatch interface, and the phone automatically comes with the software (Jitterbug, WeChat) can be opened normally, flashlight, music, alarm clock and other basic functions can also be used normally.

From the performance of the actual test, the AGM M7's triple-defense quality can still stand up to scrutiny, even in extreme test environments, it can also maintain normal operation, and by the standards of triple-defense phones, the AGM M7 is definitely very good.

Compared to mainstream brand models, although the audience for the AGM M7 may be smaller, but the top triple-defense attributes, as well as the vertical positioning of the feature phone, is very friendly to the user group who often come and go in the wind and rain and need to work outdoors frequently. If you choose a rugged, easy-to-use feature phone for the elderly at home, it will also make their experience better.


The AGM M7 is designed to meet the needs of individualized groups, solving many of the shortcomings of ordinary feature phones, with a comprehensive ability to be waterproof, dustproof and fall-proof, and the M7's pre-installed Android customization system significantly reduces the difficulty of getting started, and its simple operation can significantly improve the safety of the field. The safety of the M7 can be greatly improved by the simple operation.

AGM as a unique tone of cell phone brand, in the field of feature phones and three-proof cell phones have their own unique insights, through continuous research and development, and gradually formed their own brand style, in China's feature phone consumer groups are mainly the elderly and high school students, with the increasing aging and training double reduction order introduced, education gradually returned to campus, the market for feature phones will be steady rise. Secondly, users who often play outdoors know how important an excellent three-proof phone is.

I am sure that with the current living and working environment, the AGM land user base will continue to expand and the products will get better and better.