Apple accessories are too expensive these cheap and useful alternatives to understand

Hobart JUL 31,2021

    As we all know, Apple has launched products with excellent appearance and performance, such as AirPods Pro wireless noise-canceling headphones, AirTag finding accessories, MagSafe external batteries, USB-C chargers, wireless chargers and so on. These products also have a feature that is generally very expensive, even Apple users may not be able to easily afford. In China, the production of these accessories and products of the brand is very rich, there is no shortage of cost-effective goodies, today we will recommend a few of them respectively.

ROCK Apple Watch Wireless Charger, $49

    Apple original Apple Watch magnetic charger to USB-C connection cable (1 meter), priced at 283 yuan

    ROCK Apple Watch wireless charger is very small, suitable for travel, business trips and other users who carry out to buy and use, the volume is like a U disk, very light weight. The charger itself is compatible with Apple Watch 1st generation all the way to 6th generation, including Apple Watch SE. The charger's magnetic suction works well, so you don't need to worry about dropping it during the charging process. The charger is designed with both Type-C and normal USB ports, which can provide options for different users. The charger has 2.5W high power, 2.5 hours to fill the Apple Watch, charging process will not be hot, good security.


Pinsent 15W wireless charger, $65

    Apple original MagSafe wireless charger, $329.

    Pinsent Masons 15W wireless charger has a white design, beautiful at home or on the desk. The thickness of the product is only 7mm, the diameter is 99.5mm, and it is easy to carry. This wireless charger supports both Android and Apple fast charging protocols, so Android or Apple phones can be used. Apple phones support 7.5W and 5W fast charging, while Android phones support 15W and 10W fast charging. The charger will automatically determine whether it is full or not, and can automatically power off when it is full of phone power to prevent overcharging. Support 8mm radar induction, even with the phone case does not affect the charging efficiency.


Bess Bluetooth anti-loss device, $35

    Apple original AirTag anti-loss device, priced at $229.

    Peisi Bluetooth anti-loss device, cheap appearance design is also good, has a lanyard, can be directly tied to the backpack and other items, do not need a separate protective case. Connected to the phone can monitor the tracking of items in real time, to prevent the loss of items or find items in time. Of course, if you press the anti-loss device twice in a row, you can also reverberate to call the phone, is the gospel of friends who have lost three or four. If the phone and the anti-loss device is greater than the safe connection distance, you can also call the alarm in both directions.


Besse Gallium Nitride Kit, 65W Charger + 100W Cable, $129

    Apple original 20W USB-C power adapter, $149.

    Among the current power adapters, commonly known as charging heads, the one with the most power and portability is the GaN charger. The BES Gallium Nitride charger is designed with dual ports, one for Type-C and one for USB, with a total power of 65 W. The maximum power is 65 W when using the Type-C port alone, 45 W when using the USB port alone, and 45 W + 18 W when using it at the same time. The purchase of this kit can also get a 100W charging cable, out of the fast charging can be completely solved.


BONKERS Magnetic Wireless Charger 5000mAh, $168

    Apple original MagSafe external battery, $749.

    The 5000mAh capacity used by BONKERS magnetic suction wireless rechargeable battery kills the operation of Apple MagSafe 1460mAh. This charging treasure can be magnetically adsorbed in the iPhone for wireless charging. Of course it can also be plugged into the cable to become a normal desktop wireless charger. The size of the product is very small, so it is very portable to carry out. The product's magnetic adsorption ability is very strong, there is no problem of dropping. The power is 5W for wireless charging and 12W for wired charging, and the product is compatible with charging Android phones, headphones and other devices.


1MORE ComfoBuds Pro Comfort Bean Noise Cancelling Edition Headphones, $520

    Apple original AirPods Pro wireless noise-cancelling headphones for $1999

    1MORE ComfoBuds Pro Comfort Bean Noise Cancelling Edition, a single headset weighs 5.2g and feels very comfortable to wear. The headphones use an ergonomic in-ear design to better fit the ear canal and get a better performance of physical noise isolation. The headphones are preset with three noise reduction modes, namely: strong gear (noise reduction up to 35dB), balanced and anti-wind noise mode. When the noise cancellation is turned on, the single headset can play continuously for 6 hours on a full charge, with the charging case can be used to get 20 hours of combined battery life; when the noise cancellation mode is turned off, the maximum battery life of a single headset is 8 hours, and the overall battery life can reach 28 hours. In addition, the headphones also support fast charging technology, charging 15 minutes to get 2 hours of battery life.

    Apple's accessories are very good, and the quality, performance and appearance are very good, but the price is too expensive for the average user. We introduce these products, have their own unique design and functional performance, and easy to carry out, whether it is a business trip or travel can be widely used, more importantly, the price is very cheap, so no pressure to buy.

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