Cell phones, watches and computers Apple new product news let you see enough at once

Devin AUG 16,2021

  The "Thirteen" will be released next month! So in addition to the high brush screen, bangs smaller "thirteen incense" in addition, Apple and what new products have news? Today we will give you a summary, of course, most of these are still rumors can only be used as a reference, but it is not empty wind.

smaller bangs, better photos iPhone 13

  From the current summary of the news, Apple iPhone 13 Pro-level models will use 120Hz high refresh rate OLED screen, while the non-Pro models are still using the 60H refresh rate screen. The smaller bangs are also the main feature of the iPhone 13. Although there is news that Apple has obtained a new patent that is expected to cancel the bangs screen, this technology will not appear on the iPhone 13 for now.

  In addition to the changes in the screen, the A15 chip, which continues to improve performance, will also be used in the new phone without surprise. In addition to the battery capacity, it is likely that only the Pro MAX version will be slightly enhanced in capacity, and the fast charging power is estimated to be increased to 25W. In addition, there is news that the iPhone 13 is likely to use titanium material, but it is not clear whether it will be a special titanium version or used in certain key components to improve strength and corrosion resistance.

The new model has a larger lens module

  And as for the most concerned about the shooting performance. Recently, Bloomberg reporter Mack Gurman released the latest report, the new iPhone will continue to improve on the camera function, in order to attract users to buy and upgrade to the latest iPhone.

  According to Mack Gurman, Apple will further upgrade the iPhone's video capture capabilities by adding professional ProRes video recording support, as well as introducing the existing Portrait Mode to video and introducing a new filter system to the photo editing features.

  Portrait mode was originally released on the iPhone 7 Plus and was very popular with users. Portrait mode is also the first time the phone has been able to take portrait photos with a bokeh background similar to that of a DSLR camera. For the upcoming iPhone 13, Apple plans to introduce this feature to video shooting, calculating depth of field in real time through the iPhone's LiDAR and depth sensors and allowing users to have control over the background bokeh effect after video recording is complete.

  In addition to portrait mode, Apple plans to add ProRes video to the iPhone, providing users with a higher quality video recording format and richer post-editing control. Similar to ProRAW, ProRes video will only be available on the high-end iPhone 13 Pro and iPhone 13 Pro Max models, according to Mack Gurman.

  As for the new photo filter system, according to Mark Gurman, Apple plans to provide photographers with more advanced photo filters by more accurately "using artificial intelligence to make changes to objects and people throughout the photo" rather than directly applying the filter to the entire photo. How effective this feature is, we have to wait for the future launch to explain.

A more unified style of Apple Watch

  According to foreign media reports, the new Apple Watch Series 7 may be the strongest upgrade to the Apple Watch in several years. The new Apple Watch has narrower bezels and a better screen display.

  In terms of shape, whether it's the iPhone 12 or the iPad Pro or the i Mac, Apple has adopted a square case design, and it's expected that the new Apple Watch may also adopt this design concept, with the display bezel expected to be narrower. Apple is also said to be using a new double-sided system packaging technology to reduce the size of the processor.

  The smaller chip will free up internal space. As to whether the new watch will add a larger capacity battery to further improve battery life or add new sensors to detect more user physiological indicators such as blood sugar, there are two opposing voices on this point, so it seems that everything will need to be revealed by Apple. The new watch will also support UWB ultra-wideband technology, which is already used in AirTag and will help improve the watch's positioning and tracking capabilities.

More interfaces for Apple's notebooks


  It is worth mentioning that the new MacBook Pro will add multiple interfaces for user convenience. After all, the two Type-C ports on the Apple book are indeed a bit too few now. It is said that the new Apple book will use magnetic charging interface, and set up HDMI, card reader and other interfaces for the convenience of users.

Finally updated iPad mini

  In the Apple product line, there is nothing more frequently updated than the iPad mini, not only has there been no action for three years, but also from the first generation of iPad mini to the fifth generation, in addition to the regular upgrades such as CPU and screen, almost no change in other aspects. Although in the context of the iPhone already has a 6.7-inch screen, most users are not too interested in the iPad mini, which is not much bigger than the screen. But there is no denying that there are still many people who have a need for a smaller iPad, like me.

The new mini is like a smaller iPad Air 4?

  According to foreign media reports, the new iPad mini will be a smaller version of the iPad Air 4, with a screen size of 8.3 inches, a thickness of 5.9mm, a power button using Touch ID fingerprint recognition, a dual-speaker setup, a Type-C interface, a 12-megapixel camera, and support for the second-generation Apple Pencil.