Challenge video flagship without pressure iQOO 8 Pro multi-scene shooting experience

Hobart SEP 02,2021

Recently, iQOO's newly released iQOO 8 Pro, with its excellent and comprehensive hardware configuration has become the hot model when people buy smartphones, many users who love games and entertainment choose to iQOO 8 Pro as the preferred model for the 2021 switch. For many users, in addition to the daily work life and entertainment use of smart phones, there is also a major use is to shoot images.

With the rise of smartphones, more and more users are choosing to use their phones to record their lives and preserve the beautiful moments. In the past, many flagship models were equipped with rear camera modules that could only meet the needs of daily photography and code scanning, and were often unable to meet the needs of travel, portraits and other scenes.

As the pinnacle of the new generation of performance flagship phones, iQOO 8 Pro is equipped with a superb rear camera module consisting of dual main cameras + micro cloud stage + professional portrait lens, from the hardware configuration level, its image strength can be described as very good, the following will be from the perspective of practical experience to analyze the iQOO 8 Pro's image experience.

iQOO 8 Pro

Double main camera + micro cloud Taiwan flagship image configuration

iQOO 8 Pro's rear camera module configuration can be said to be quite outstanding, even with many flagship phones compared to the image iQOO 8 Pro hardware configuration also has a certain advantage. In the most critical aspect of the main camera, iQOO in conjunction with Sony developed a new 50 megapixel sensor IMX766V, the unit pixel size of 1.0μm, support pixel 4 in 1 function, with the latest generation of ultra-stable micro cloud stage technology, iQOO 8 Pro's main camera in the shooting can get a stable video picture performance.

Dual main camera configuration
Micro Cloud Station Technology

In terms of ultra-wide angle lens, iQOO 8 Pro also adopts the main camera level configuration scheme, using Sony's 48 megapixel IMX598 sensor, the lens can achieve a large field of view of 114 degrees with low distortion. And iQOO 8 Pro's ultra-wide angle lens, through the Color Filter color filter optimization, significantly improve the R / G / B channel light transmission rate, effectively improving the image quality.

iQOO 8 Pro rear image module

The iQOO 8 Pro also features a 16-megapixel telephoto portrait lens for portrait photography, with an optical zoom of 2.5x, equivalent to a 60mm focal length, for a very practical portrait shooting experience.

In terms of computing photography technology, iQOO 8 Pro adds and enhances the video HDR, video night scene, extreme night portrait selfie these three major image technology, which allows this user to shoot more realistic and closer to the human eye perception of the video picture effect, and through the video night scene function to improve the video shooting, in the night scene and low light scenes generated by the lack of brightness, dark face, background glare, more noise, clarity It also improves the effect of portrait shooting in low light environment.

Record precious moments, multi-scene shooting experience

After understanding the configuration of iQOO 8 Pro in terms of image, the following test experience will begin. From the following sample photos taken with the iQOO 8 Pro main camera can be seen its imaging effect is very good, can easily record the details of the objects in the scene, in the natural light environment when shooting buildings, can well present the light effect brought by the light, and iQOO 8 Pro main camera micro cloud stage can also help the picture to maintain a relatively horizontal picture effect.

iQOO 8 Pro wide-angle lens sample
iQOO 8 Pro wide-angle lens sample

The iQOO 8 Pro's 2.5X portrait telephoto lens is highly utilized in actual photography, allowing users to easily capture details of near objects and portraits with this lens. As you can see from the sample images below, this lens not only has excellent portrait imaging, but it can also effectively avoid the interference of cluttered environment for picture composition when shooting in daily life.

iQOO 8 Pro telephoto lens samples
iQOO 8 Pro telephoto lens sample
iQOO 8 Pro telephoto lens sample

The iQOO 8 Pro's ultra wide-angle lens is a very practical lens for many users. The iQOO 8 Pro's ultra wide-angle lens can achieve a wide angle of 114°, which makes it easy to record wide images when taking pictures of buildings and group photos, and the iQOO 8 Pro's ultra wide-angle lens also has the image quality of the main camera level.

iQOO 8 Pro ultra-wide angle lens sample photos
iQOO 8 Pro ultra wide angle lens sample


From the hardware configuration and shooting experience can be seen iQOO 8 Pro image strength reached the current flagship phones in the first-class level, respectively, covering ultra-wide angle, wide angle, medium focus lens combination allows users to meet the composition needs in multiple scenes without having to move position. The iQOO 8 Pro is clearly a very good choice for users who want to buy a smartphone with strong performance, excellent screen display, and excellent photography experience.