Children's Day is here to buy a child eye protection super screen

Berg JUL 19,2021

      Today is Children's Day, in order to protect the eyes or buy a smart projection for children. Dangbei D3X intelligent projection screen brightness reached 1050ANSI lumens, bright enough for children to use. This product also has an intelligent system that allows you to watch many animations online.

      The Dangbei D3X smart projection is equipped with the Dangbei OS system, which is rich in built-in film and television content, all kinds of resources, and also supports custom desktop. In terms of performance, this product with 3GB DDR4 running memory, can achieve fast response; and has 16GB of storage space, support for downloading more applications, which is also the highest configuration in the same price range products.

      In the past, the projection screen needs to be constantly focused to ensure clarity, Dangbei D3X intelligent projection also completely solve this problem, it is equipped with a ToF laser sensor, can be real-time senseless auto-focus, no hands to adjust to always ensure a clear picture, children watching animation is rich in detail.