Continuity, feel optimal solution, two thousand grade flagship also look at the real me GT Neo

Joseph APR 25,2021

The reason why flagship phones can be called flagship, first of all, must have its own unique features, at the same time, the flagship phone must be around the performance, battery life, fast charging, design, grip feel and other aspects of a relatively perfect balance, the only way to provide a more superior comprehensive experience.

In addition, if the phone has a high price/performance ratio, as well as some of the same price range in the superior experience, it will be the icing on the cake, the latest listing, is selling on all major platforms of the real GT Neo is such a balanced experience of the flagship, can be called the 2000 yuan price range on the second choice.

Since its release half a month ago, the GT Neo has won a certain degree of market reputation and user acclaim with its Tiangui 1200 flagship processor, its thin and light feel of only 179g, and its strong battery life combination of 4500mAh battery + 50W flash charging.

From the user reviews, we can find that the majority of users of the GT Neo are mainly focused on the design, thinness, performance, battery life experience and high cost performance. It is evident that although the GT Neo has just been launched for a short time, it has already won a reputation by virtue of its precise market positioning and its own product power.

Let's take a look at why the GT Neo is so quickly gaining a foothold in the market at the same price range.

True GT Neo is equipped with the first flagship processor Tiangui 1200, based on TSMC's 6nm advanced process manufacturing, the CPU adopts the flagship triple-cluster architecture design of 1+3+4, including a Cortex-A78 super core with a frequency of up to 3.0GHz, with a nine-core GPU and six-core MediaTek APU 3.0, as well as dual-channel UFS 3.1, the performance is greatly improved.

True GT Neo brings a full-blooded 5G experience that is not outdated for three years, supporting VoNR, which carries voice transmission through 5G network, making calls clearer and call latency lower. Meanwhile, True GT Neo also supports dual 5G and dual carrier aggregation technologies.

True GT Neo uses 3D toughened liquid cooling technology and chooses steel and copper composite internal structure for higher strength and better thermal conductivity, which can effectively reduce the heat transfer thermal resistance inside the VC. By optimizing the internal capillary structure, the water circulation inside the VC is faster and the heat transfer efficiency is higher. True GT Neo also uses multi-layer three-dimensional graphite heat dissipation, 100% full coverage of the core heat source, significantly reducing the temperature and keeping the phone in a high-performance state at all times.

The GT Neo is only 8.4mm thick and weighs only 179g, so even if you hold it with one hand for a long time, you won't feel tired and your grip experience is further enhanced.

In terms of battery life, the GT Neo has a large 4500mAh battery built into its slim body, and supports 50W SuperDart Super Charge technology, which is equipped with a highly efficient charge pump and takes only 16 minutes to charge 50%.

Overall, in the 2000 yuan price range, the GT Neo is definitely the best choice. If you are also impressed, then take advantage of the upcoming May Day holiday to refresh and welcome the new machine!