Don't just look at the TV for decoration Smart projection may give you more inspiration

Barret AUG 13,2021

       If you are decorating, in fact, if you do not like to watch is possible to buy smart projection, placed in the living room or bedroom have a good experience. The nut J7S can project a hundred inches of picture and has excellent display capabilities. And the nut J7S also has a very good system, cast screen or online catch up on the drama is not a problem.

       In the lens, the nut J7S long time use is not easy to run focus, defocus. The machine has two built-in 5W high-quality symmetrical speakers, four-way sound technology to create indoor surround sound effect, even when used alone as a speaker is no problem at all. This product also has a super brightness, the picture display ability is very strong.

       Nut J7S is equipped with the new JMGO OS 4.0 intelligent operating system, the UI interface has been newly designed to look more fresh and natural. The system has 2G+16G powerful memory, convenient for users to download more software applications, in addition to this system also added an additional children's mode and 4K channels, richer content resources.