Don't use your phone to catch up on the drama Laser TV gives you quality of life

Berg AUG 06,2021

       Cell phones or LCD TVs are the daily viewing devices for many people, but in fact, with the advancement of technology, you now have more options. For example, you can buy a laser TV, it can bring you a larger size screen, for vision is also less impact, the next I will recommend a good product.

Hisense Laser TV 75L9D


       Hisense laser TV 75L9D picture color performance is excellent. The LCD TV uses a blue LED-based backlight system, and the color gamut of the picture is not high. The Hisense Laser TV 75L9D with full color laser covers 205% of the BT.709 standard color gamut, with richer picture levels and more colorful colors.

No pressure even for small living room

       Hisense Laser TV 75L9D also has Dolby Atmos and HDR function, coupled with the support of VIDAA intelligent system, it can be said that the Hisense Laser TV 75L9D has a very comprehensive performance. From display capability, system optimization, appearance design to sound system, all have top performance.