Home Appliances Pickup: Burnt and crispy toast ever eaten?49Buy a toaster oven to do it easily

Ada AUG 10,2021

        I don't need to tell you which is better, sweet and soft bread or golden crispy toast!

        That is definitely the golden crispy toast ~ under the action of high temperature, the surface of the bread sugar and amino compounds undergo a Merad reaction, resulting in a large number of aromatic compounds, so that ordinary soft bread into aromatic toast, the surface of the golden coat color attractive, bite down crispy and delicious, but the inside is still warm soft bread, this dual enhancement of taste and flavor, so that the toast into a delicacy.

        How to make the most convenient toasted bread? The toaster oven, of course! Dongling toaster oven is currently in Jingdong to open special activities, the current price of only 59, after stacking the discount to 49 yuan. There is one to say that the toast is really delicious! Dipped in honey in the late night to eat a bite, that is quite delicious.