How smart is the future of intelligent faucets? Xiaomi Youpin crowdfunding non-contact faucet

Devin AUG 15,2021

As technology continues to develop, many home appliances have taken on the future, black technology and other technology to highlight the label. Now, even the faucet is also implanted with "future technology" technology, no longer just a common faucet that will produce cold/hot water. Recently, Xiaomi has a smart faucet on the shelves Aijiai, through non-contact hot and cold switch, built-in hand foam, constant temperature hot water, etc., take you into the future bathroom.

The use of intelligent detection technology, through the space gesture gently, you can open/close the faucet, switch hot and cold water, to achieve non-contact space gesture control faucet, but also to adjust the flow size, temperature and other functions; built-in intelligent thermostat system, hot water out of the default 38 ℃, but also according to demand to switch the hot and cold water temperature, while providing the highest safety water temperature protection, the speed, accuracy and stability of its thermostat due to Ordinary hardware products.

At first glance, these features of this faucet and some advanced bathroom is not comparable, in fact, it also has a unique built-in human detection device, when the user is close, the faucet will automatically enter the work state; the user leaves and enters the sleep state, the system will also automatically shut down after 30s, no longer have to worry about the risk of forgetting to turn off the faucet on a daily basis.

Aijiai smart faucet frother using Newport quality frother, water and gas mixture, quiet and soft, both water-saving and splash-proof; its built-in 800mAh emergency lithium battery, battery full charge state can standby 7-15 days, and support USBType-C power supply interface, for the faucet to provide temporary power supply and charging needs, in case of emergency.

Aegai Smart Faucet has two colors: chrome and black, suitable for different bathroom decoration schemes. This "future wisdom faucet" has been opened in Xiaomi Mall crowdfunding, crowdfunding price of 549 yuan, there have been many full support, bathroom renovation needs of friends can learn about ~ [future wisdom faucet gesture control hot and cold intelligent faucet]