iOS 14.5 introduces battery recalibration for iPhone 11

Grover MAY 01,2021

Apple pushed out the iOS 14.5 update some time ago, and this update brings more features to the iPhone series. But there is one feature that is specifically for the iPhone 11 series, and that feature is the battery recalibration feature. This feature first appeared in iOS 14.5 beta6, and now it is finally available to everyone in the official version.

iPhone 11 series users who have updated iOS 14.5 can see the system prompting important battery information after opening Settings - Battery - Battery Health. In the coming weeks, the battery recalibration feature will recalibrate the battery capacity based on the charge and discharge of the iPhone 11 series, so the final result is not immediately visible, and we recommend that you check the battery health after a month of use.

At the same time, the maximum capacity already given by the system is marked with an asterisk, meaning that the data is only the battery capacity before recalibration, after recalibration, the data will change, but of course, it may not change. After recalibration, the maximum capacity of the battery will be more accurate.

The update also fixes an unexpected battery consumption problem.