iQOO 8 Pro equipped with a unique display chip, many black technology added

Eden AUG 19,2021

Zhongguancun Online News.

iQOO 8 Pro fingerprint recognition area of up to 578mm2, unlock speed as fast as 190ms, and support strong light unlock as well as wet hand unlock. Compared to the traditional photoelectric fingerprint unlock iQOO 8 Pro only need to press once to complete the entry, single-finger security is extremely high, two-finger recognition crack rate is as low as 1/25 billion, users can set WeChat, Alipay payment for two-finger payment, safe and convenient.

Enhanced frame rate mode

Color temperature adaptive adjustment means that iQOO 8 Pro can detect changes in ambient light temperature and adjust automatically through the sensor on board, and also compensate for the white color of the screen to provide users with a better reading experience.