iQOO 8 Pro review: the word "flagship" is defined in this way

Eden AUG 19,2021

On August 17, iQOO, which has been very active in the field of high-performance cell phones, released the iQOO 8 Pro with the latest flagship mobile platform Snapdragon 888 Plus. iQOO 8 Pro's actual performance is expected, coupled with the "heaps" of material on the screen and camera.

Appearance: Atmospheric player

In terms of design and appearance, the iQOO 8 Pro fully demonstrates the growth of the iQOO brand in just two years, combining youthful design and flagship quality in a very harmonious way. It is available in "Track Edition" and "Legend Edition" colors, and the one we got is the darker "Track Edition", which is full of texture.

iQOO 8 Pro Track Edition color scheme

The combination of matte dark gray metal frame and black carbon fiber textured back cover is understated and textured enough. When you pick up the phone, the visual texture becomes tactile, and the matte metal and vegan leather-like and textured soft back cover feel very addictive, while also being better at anti-slip and fingerprint resistance.

Orange power button and back texture

The fine lines of the orange power button and the dark gray metal camera "step" give it a "precision instrument" quality.

Metal camera "step" protrusion

Combined with the 6.78-inch curved OLED screen on the front, the entire device is integrated and takes sophistication to another level.

6.78-inch curved OLED screen from Samsung

In short, iQOO 8 Pro has a unique and restrained texture, for those who do not like fancy design is a good choice.

Screen: 2K resolution and the latest E5 light-emitting material

The first feature of the iQOO 8 Pro that catches your eye after powering on is the top quality of the screen.

iQOO 8 Pro screen quality is excellent

There is a demand for smoothness of the screen, 120Hz high brush to meet you; there is a demand for power consumption, can be freely switched between 1Hz to 120Hz LTPO technology to meet you; there is a demand for clarity of the screen, 3200x1440 2K resolution can also meet you; want to bright screen can not be too power hungry, E5 light-emitting materials to help you achieve; strict requirements for the screen color, contrast and transparency, the OLED material and micro-prism technology. OLED material and micro-prism technology to provide you with a transparent, vivid picture.

iQOO 8 Pro screen quality is excellent
iQOO 8 Pro also supports adaptive color temperature

In short, iQOO 8 Pro's screen is not only worthy of its flagship positioning, placed in front of any phone, it will not be overshadowed.

iQOO 8 Pro also supports adaptive color temperature

Of course, we still want to remind you that because of the iQOO curved screen design, and straight screen operation will feel slightly different, because the iQOO 8 Pro uses a 3D wide area ultrasonic under-screen fingerprint, so we do not recommend that you just stick a third-party film, otherwise it may affect the fingerprint module to play their original performance, wasting its high unlocking accuracy and large unlocking area.

iQOO 8 Pro ultrasonic fingerprint maximum unlock area is larger than the conventional fingerprint unlock area

Performance: Snapdragon 888 Plus + separate display chip

Performance has always been a strong point of iQOO phones, and the iQOO 8 Pro is naturally no exception. The latest flagship mobile platform Snapdragon 888 Plus, a discrete display chip that enhances the screen and optimizes frame rates, top-of-the-line UFS 3.1 storage, LPDDR5 memory, and the presence of VC Power Pump liquid cooling all allow the iQOO 8 Pro to achieve the industry's top performance.

"Peace Elite" game screen

In the game test, we tested "Glory of Kings", "Peaceful Elite" and "Original God". iQOO 8 Pro's performance in terms of game fluency is fully in line with the current flagship level. We tested the frame rates for each of the three games during 1 and a half hours (30 minutes each) of continuous gaming. The screen settings and frame rate curves are as follows.

Peaceful Elite screen settings
Peaceful Elite frame rate curve
"King of Glory" frame settings
Glory of the King frame rate curve
Original God screen settings
"Original God" frame rate curve (other flagships are similarly performing)

Nowadays, the temperature control ability of flagship phones is more important than ever. In this regard, the iQOO 8 Pro's real-world results stand up to its own brand tradition of hardcore performance. After 1 hour and 30 minutes of gaming, the back of the iQOO 8 Pro averaged 44.13 degrees Celsius and peaked at 47.52 degrees Celsius, an excellent result, and the large built-in copper alloy VC heat-evening plate really did the trick.

Back temperature before the game started
Temperature of the back of the game body after 90 minutes

By the way, iQOO 8 Pro also supports "VRS Variable Resolution" in three games: "Legacy of War", "Skyward Sword" and "Oracle". This technology selectively reduces the rendering resolution of certain parts of the game screen, such as the blue sky, to achieve lower load, smoother gameplay and still clearer graphics.

VRS function switch

iQOO 8 Pro has a number of built-in features specifically designed for gaming, including a performance mode called "Monster Mode" that can be turned on with a single click, 4D gaming vibrations powered by linear motors, and "Game Vision Enhancement" and "Game Interpolation" powered by a separate display chip. "Game Effect Enhancement" and "Game Interpolation", etc. The effect of "game effect enhancement" is relatively intuitive, which is equivalent to giving the game a filter to enhance the contrast, making the picture more pleasing and transparent. As for "game frame insertion", we need to explain it in detail.

The panel pulled out from the left edge of the game

With its independent display chip, iQOO 8 Pro is able to predict and generate transition frames (screens) between every two frames, doubling the game's frame rate and thus improving smoothness. iQOO 8 Pro has two frame interpolation modes: "Boost Frame Rate" and "Optimize Power Consumption ", which will make the game run at 120 fps and 90 fps respectively after frame rate interpolation. Since enabling this feature requires the game itself to be at least 60 fps (in-game setting), if you choose the "Optimize Power" option, the phone will run at 45 fps with a smooth frame rate of 90 fps, which also reduces the hardware load.

Notes on frame insertion and two frame insertion modes

In "Original God", we compared the experience of inserting frames to 90 fps at 60 fps with "Optimize power consumption", not only the smoothness is improved, but also the game lag is reduced. The following frame generation time (the time taken to generate each frame) curve is a good example of what we feel.

60 frames of "Original God" without frame insertion, with frequent fluctuations
The original Gods reaches 90 fps with interpolation on, with a smoother frame generation time

With frame insertion turned on, the game's frame generation time is significantly more stable, and the amplitude and frequency of jumps are significantly reduced, which is a reflection of less lag during gameplay.

Camera: dual main cameras + micro cloud stage

Even though the screen and chip are strong enough, the iQOO 8 Pro does not stop there and continues to "give its all" in the camera.

iQOO 8 Pro's triple rear camera

Its rear wide-angle camera (main camera) is a 50MP Sony IMX766V sensor with a size of 1/1.56 inches, and is equipped with micro cloud stage stabilization that is better than traditional optical stabilization. The second camera on the rear, also at the main camera level, is a 48MP ultra-wide angle camera with an IMX598 sensor. The third camera on the rear is a telephoto portrait camera with 2.5x zoom magnification and 60mm equivalent focal length. The iQOO 8 Pro camera has it all, especially the large bottom sensor, which is ready for dark light shooting.

Let's take a look at how the actual sample performance, first of all, the night mode sample in dark light.

super wide angle camera night mode
Super wide angle camera night mode
Wide-angle camera night mode
Super wide angle camera night mode
Super wide angle camera night mode
Super wide angle camera night mode

In terms of dynamic range, color reproduction and color consistency between different cameras, the iQOO 8 Pro's actual performance delivers on the high-end parameters on paper. Especially the performance of the ultra-wide angle camera, even at night, has enough detail and noise smearing control, no wonder it is called the "second main camera".

In addition, when using the night mode, you can find a "style" button in the bottom right corner of the viewfinder, click on it and a number of filters will appear, which can help you take more stunning photos.

Night view mode wide-angle camera sample shot with "Green Orange" style

Then let's take a look at the iQOO 8 Pro in auto mode during the day.

Wide angle camera auto mode
Super wide angle camera auto mode
Telephoto portrait camera auto mode
Wide angle camera auto mode + "blackcurrant" filter
Telephoto portrait camera auto mode + "old movie" filter

In the sample test, the phone continued its nighttime performance in the daytime, with the ultra-wide angle and wide-angle camera being just as "beatable", with just the right amount of detail, dynamic range and color. The iQOO 8 Pro's auto mode also has a variety of filters, which is quite smooth to use.

iQOO 8 Pro features a 16MP front-facing camera

For the front camera, iQOO 8 Pro uses a 16-megapixel camera with a center punch and a full range of features such as beauty, taking care of those who like to take selfies.

As for the micro cloud Taiwan anti-shake, we took the iQOO 8 Pro and another high-end flagship with traditional optical stabilization for comparison. Whether comparing the native frame, or after cropping to the same frame as the other flagship, we can see that the iQOO 8 Pro with "Pro" level "Super Anti-shake" on is clearly better than the ordinary optical anti-shake phone's anti-shake performance. There is a recording process where the shake caused by not standing still is almost filtered out by the iQOO 8 Pro's micro cloud stage stabilization.

A flagship phone with normal optical stabilization, note the obvious shake in the middle
iQOO 8 Pro with Pro Super Shake turned on, the shake is "gone" (the noise is due to GIF compression, the original video is not)
iQOO 8 Pro with Pro Super Shake on, cropped image, still more stable (to be consistent with the comparison object)

In addition, iQOO 8 Pro's anti-shake menu has a "horizon" function, after selecting, no matter how you rotate the phone, the phone's recording screen will not change direction. This feature fully demonstrates the advantages of the Micro Cloud Station over traditional optical stabilization in terms of direction and magnitude of stabilization.

Constant horizon function, avoiding horizontal shaking of the video
Constant horizon function to avoid shaky video horizontally

Battery and System: Reliable Performance

Whether a phone can provide you with reliable performance in critical moments, in addition to looking at performance, charging and battery life are also important. iQOO 8 Pro supports 120W super fast flash charging and 50W wireless flash charging. Charging with the 120W charging head included in the package, the iQOO 8 Pro went from 0% to 100% in just 18 minutes, which is very fast for a large capacity of 4500 mAh.

The battery life is equally reliable, with the iQOO 8 Pro achieving 42% battery remaining in a 5-hour heavy-duty battery test.

In terms of system, iQOO 8 Pro comes with OriginOS for iQOO, a built-in security feature that is worthy of your attention. The phone's location service has two options: "precise" and "fuzzy". By choosing "fuzzy location" in the right app, we can protect our precise location information from being accessed while still enjoying full functionality. Even if you don't choose the right option when the app requests location permission, you can go to the "Security & Privacy" menu of settings and find "Location Services" to manage the location permission of each app.

Location settings including "fuzzy location"

If you are also sensitive to other permissions, iQOO 8 Pro also allows users to view every permission call record of the app, helping you to monitor the security of your phone in real time.

Permissions call log

In addition, iQOO 8 Pro protects the clipboard, authentication codes and financial information with intelligent privacy protection and privacy protection features.

Protection measures for clipboard, CAPTCHA and financial information

Another threat to the security of mobile data and property is fraud. To improve security, iQOO 8 Pro also has a built-in Fraud Prevention Center that supports fraud identification.

Fraud prevention is also an important part of cell phone security

Finally, in addition to the traditional security features, iQOO 8 Pro has many additional security features, such as anti-automatic installation, payment environment detection and smart message recognition.

The system has a detailed introduction of security features built in

iQOO's most ambitious flagship?

I have to say, whether in terms of parameters, or actual experience, iQOO 8 Pro is one of the most powerful in the history of the brand. In particular, the investment in screen, photography and software security, let us once again see iQOO's determination to break the stereotype of its own phone "only suitable for playing games".

For users who want to change a flagship phone before the end of this year, iQOO 8 Pro can be said to be a "dark horse" that not everyone could have expected, if you have high requirements in terms of screen, performance and photography, but also like the "simple but not simple If you have high requirements in terms of screen, performance and photography, and also like "simple but not simple" design, then this phone is almost a tailor-made product for you.