Large wide-angle high image quality Canon RF15-35mm F2.8L lens

Devin AUG 10,2021

  The Canon RF15-35mm F2.8L IS USM lens is a "big three" lens for Canon's full-frame micro-single series, which benefits from the optical design flexibility of Canon's self-developed large-aperture RF mount and short back focus distance to achieve a constant 15mm ultra-wide angle with IS image stabilizer. F2.8 aperture L-class wide-angle zoom lens. High image quality performance is achieved throughout the zoom area.

  In addition, this is the first Canon constant F2.8 aperture L-class wide-angle zoom lens to feature an IS image stabilizer with stabilization equivalent to a maximum shutter speed of approximately 5 steps. The lens features a dust and water resistant drip structure, implementation of anti-fouling fluorine coating, and high reliability to handle harsh shooting environments. It is suitable for a wide range of fields such as landscape, architecture and street photography.

  This lens has excellent imaging quality and is a high-grade red ring stabilization lens corresponding to Canon's full-frame micro SLR. Compared to the big 3 wide angle lens on the DSLR, this lens has a wide angle end of 15mm, which makes it more powerful when shooting large scenes.