May Day holiday travel essential, intelligent induction electric car trash can recommended

Devin MAY 01,2021

    May Day holiday has come, compared to many partners have begun to travel by car, right. Look at the scenery while eating snacks on the way to travel that is the regular operation, but confetti and peel nowhere to put how to do?

    Today we recommend a "smart induction electric clean travel" large-capacity car garbage cans, intelligent induction to open the lid, hanging / vertical put dual-use, with a large capacity of 500mL, it is the car garbage cans from Bess, the new price of 142 yuan to get a single product + 2 volumes * 60 garbage bags, good value for money. Traveling friends worth shopping.

    Near-field induction opening and closing technology, the palm of your hand gently skimming, automatic induction to open the lid, without touching the trash can, will not get your hands dirty.

    With its own lid, lock the garbage odor, back to fresh air. The back comes with a detachable hook, you can choose to hang or place directly.

    Open the lid at the bottom of the garbage can, put the garbage bag, convenient storage, change the bag at any time. Press the on/off button to turn on the always-on mode and free your hands.

    Polymer battery, charged once enough to use 60 days. With 60 special garbage bags of just the right size, and your garbage can is a natural pair. Capacity upgrade, enough to store daily garbage.