May there be no "range anxiety" in heaven

Evan APR 29,2021

How did I break up with my ex? You may not believe it, because my phone died and she couldn't find me... Since then, the word "battery life anxiety" has been with me, the disease, perhaps similar to death, after all, the phone is dead is really an embarrassing scenario that can not do anything.

What do you mean by battery life anxiety? According to the Baidu encyclopedia, range anxiety (also known as power anxiety) refers to the electronic product power shortage will produce anxiety, fidgeting and other situations, this similar situation currently exists widely among smartphone users, of course, with more and more electronic technology products to join our lives, such phenomena will intensify.

But on the current scientific achievements of technological breakthroughs, cell phone lithium battery is unable to ensure that we can a week a flush, so at present want to solve the problem of range anxiety, we can only go to choose some as fast as possible fast-charging cell phones.

So compared to "death", changing a phone is actually not a big deal, at least, I can make my battery life anxiety a little later.

How do I cure it?

The phone above is my personal doctor prescribed to me, according to him, the phone has 120W fast charging, although not eradicate my battery life anxiety, but can delay the onset of the situation to the maximum extent.

The doctor said that iQOO 7 is able to charge 31% in 5 minutes, and it only takes 16 minutes to charge the phone from 0% to 100%.

What a concept is this? Imagine, when we wake up in the morning and find that we forgot to charge the phone last night, there are still many miles to go today phone power can not hold on, we can completely wash the phone when the phone will be charged, when you go out you will find the phone "full blood".

For example, walking on the road and found that the phone battery is low, you can find a cafe to order a cup of coffee to sit and rest, when the coffee is finished, the phone has been fully charged, which is how pleasant a thing, the general cell phone may not really do.

16 minutes for a long life is a very inconspicuous number, but can bring you indeed a full-blooded and warm phone, to offset the fear of most people's battery life anxiety thoughts, you can use more time to do more meaningful things, why not do it.

If you have the same "battery life anxiety" as I do, then try changing your phone, and finally, may there be no "battery life anxiety" in heaven.

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