Panel prices stop rising buy TV must wait for the second half of the promotion

Berg AUG 13,2021

      This year, the price of television is not cheap, the past 618 TV prices not only did not drop, and even the average price also rose 1000 yuan, which makes many friends who want to buy a TV, a little worried.

      Why TV prices are not like the past few years "down and down". Mainly because the TV panel prices have been rising for nearly a year, the core components of high prices, natural end products did not reduce prices. But the good news is coming, has risen for 13 months of TV panels, now finally ushered in a price reduction.

      According to industry data agency WitsView data show that, following a significant convergence of panel prices in June, into July after the TV panel offer flat across the board, only 65 inches, 75 inches panel rose slightly 2 ~ 3 U.S. dollars. The market is expected to the second half of the price is not only not up, and may even fall, especially 32 inches and 55 inches and other sizes.

      Why would such a phenomenon? Mainly because this year's TV because of the price rise, sales are low, many brands are playing games with panel manufacturers, and then go on like this, consumers do not buy, the brand did not sell the number of panel manufacturers naturally did not gain. In order to maintain the positive development of the market, the panel manufacturers loose mouth.

      So friends who want to buy a TV, you may want to wait. The second half of the LCD TV is estimated to usher in a new promotion, if you can't wait you can also buy the following product, this 65-inch product is not expected to have a big price reduction, buy early to enjoy, is also a good choice.