Realme V13 full review

Grover APR 28,2021

With the full rollout of the 5G network, more and more users are making 5G functionality a must-have option when purchasing a phone. Although 5G phones have already completed their full popularity in the mid- to high-end price range, there are not many 5G models in the $1,000 price range.

Recently realme released its V series of new thousand yuan 5G phone realme realme V13, its 8GB + 128GB version priced at 1599 yuan, with 5G dual SIM dual standby, 5000mAh large battery, 48 megapixel main camera and other highlights configuration, for users who intend to buy a thousand yuan 5G phone provides a new choice. Here's a comprehensive look at this new 5G model in the $1,000 class.

Trendy color scheme Thin and light body design

The realme V13 is available in two color options, Smoky Gray and Celestial Blue, the Celestial Blue version. realme V13 Celestial Blue version of the hook cover uses a variety of complex processes such as silk-screening, bright silver coating, and high-gloss coating to achieve a glossy back visual effect with a radial linear light effect.

realme V13

The back of the realme V13 is also designed with a 3D curved back cover, which is very comfortable to hold. The visual design of the case is in line with the current aesthetic trend of mainstream smartphones.

realme V13

The realme V13 achieves a body weight of 185g through internal structure optimization, and the thickness of the realme V13 is only 8.5mm, which is rare among 5G phones with large batteries.

90Hz high brush screen experience

The screen of realme V13 adopts a 6.5-inch 90Hz full-brush screen with FHD+ resolution. The screen also supports a high touch sampling rate of 180Hz, so that users can feel the screen and feel significantly improved in daily operation.

6.5-inch full-screen

In the form of full-screen, realme V13 uses the current mainstream top-left corner cutout design, biometric unlocking method for the side bezel fingerprint unlocking, fingerprint sensor and power button using a two-in-one design.

Fingerprint power button adopts two-in-one

7nm 5G SoC no pressure for daily use

In terms of performance, the realme V13 is equipped with the Tiangui 700 5G SoC, which uses a 7nm process that is 28% more energy efficient than the old process. The realme 700 5G SoC is designed with an eight-core CPU, including two Arm Cortex-A76 cores at up to 2.2GHz, which can meet the needs of daily high-load applications.

Tiangui 700 5G SoC

In the mainstream game test, according to the game frame rate data recorded with PerfDog, realme V13 can run the popular game "King of Glory" at a stable level of 60 fps even in the ultra-high resolution and high frame rate mode.

Game screen settings
Honor of the King frame rate data

In the test of "Peace Elite", which requires higher performance, realme V13 can also run at 30 fps in high quality and high frame rate. This shows that the performance of realme V13 can not only meet the needs of daily use, but also meet the needs of playing mainstream games.

Game screen settings
"Elite Peace" frame rate data

In terms of memory, the realme V13 has a large capacity of 8GB RAM, which can meet the user's daily needs and avoid the situation where background applications are frequently "killed". The realme V13 also supports DRE dynamic memory expansion technology, which invokes memory to participate in the memory and adds an additional 3GB to the physical memory, significantly improving the smooth performance of the phone in response to multi-tasking load scenarios.

5G dual SIM dual standby support for storage expansion

As a 5G model for the mass market, the realme V13's performance in terms of 5G network is very impressive. realme V13 supports 5G dual SIM dual standby function, which can support dual-mode 5G and is compatible with the mainstream bands of three major carriers, allowing users to maintain a high-speed network connection at all times.

The realme V13 is equipped with the Smart 5G function for the pain point of network switching that users face when using 5G networks. This function can intelligently sense the surrounding signal environment and switch between 4G and 5G "senselessly", so that the network experience is always smooth. In addition, realme V13 also supports dual-channel network acceleration technology, which allows simultaneous use of Wi-Fi/5G network, thus maintaining network stability and accelerating Internet access.

Three card slot design

It is worth mentioning that the realme V13 has a triple card slot design, which allows users to insert two SIM cards and one memory card at the same time, thus avoiding the dilemma of choosing between dual cards and extended storage.

48 megapixel main camera, dark light is also clear

The realme V13's rear camera module uses a triple rear camera combination of 48MP main camera + portrait bokeh lens + macro lens. The main camera lens supports 48 megapixels of ultra-clear photo output, and the main camera also supports Super Night View, which can enhance the performance of night scene clarity and purity by integrating various image algorithms.

48MP rear camera module

As you can see from the sample images below, the realme V13's rear main camera lens can achieve clear and sharp imaging effects both in the daytime and at night.

realme V13 main camera sample
realme V13 main shot
realme V13 main shot night shot
realme V13 main shot night shot

In 48 megapixel mode, the realme V13's main camera can also record the rich details of the subject.

48MP sample
48MP sample partial image

When shooting with the super macro function of the realme V13, you can find that it focuses very quickly and can quickly capture a flower swaying in the wind, and the image is also very clear.

realme V13 Macro Sample Photos

5000mAh large battery, longevity super full cup

With the advent of the 5G era, users' demand for cell phone endurance is also increasing day by day, and the most effective way to improve endurance is naturally to increase battery capacity.

5000mAh large battery

The realme V13 is equipped with a large battery of 5000mAh and 18W fast charging configuration, which can basically meet the majority of people's battery life needs. For users who have higher requirements on the battery life, they can also use the "all-scene intelligent power saving" and super power saving mode to significantly improve the battery life.

In terms of actual battery life experience, the realme V13 still has 60% battery left after a 5-hour battery life test that includes photography, music playback, social software, online video playback, games, Taobao and other scenarios, and its actual battery life level is sufficient to meet the needs of various people.

5 hours of battery life test data


As a popular 5G model for the general public, the realme V13 is able to meet the daily needs of users in all aspects of configuration. It can also bring users a "superior" experience in terms of screen, battery life, dual SIM 5G and so on. It can be said that this is a very suitable budget in the range of 1000 yuan to 2000 yuan users to buy the 5G smartphone, so as to achieve from 4G to 5G era cross.