Tanabata is here! You are only one gift away from being single

Ivan AUG 10,2021

    It's the eve of the year again, who knows that single dog food is not good! Remember when the weaving maiden in the river bath, is the cowherd took away the weaving maiden clothes to win the heart, so, confession is not a silly love can be successful, or to learn a little routine! This Tanabata, I have a set of 99% success rate of the exclusive set of ways to give you, quickly to learn it.

    On the gift I purposely went to the Internet to search a circle, found that the box in a box is indeed a set, worth learning from, is in the box into another box, such as the box into a box of chocolates, chocolates below the real protagonist - the laptop.

    The reason for choosing to send a laptop, with the continuous evolution of human society, our productivity tools are gradually improving. Nowadays, our widely used productivity tool is the laptop, its mobile-based, high-performance features, so that we get a lot of convenience in the office, life, in short, a laptop is not only a very practical gift, but also to gain each other's goodwill.

    In addition, send girls/boys, of course, is to send the value of outstanding, high-performance notebooks, such as these three I recommend to everyone thin and light book.

HP Star 14 high performance thin and light notebooks

   The first HP Star 14 high-performance thin and light notebook, it has two advantages: one is the high value, it provides a rare pink color at the same price, and the design is simple and beautiful, solid materials, is considered a rare product at the same price, to win the value of the product;.

    The second is excellent performance, small body but contains great energy, performance is not bad, and even in some scenarios can exceed the desktop processor, quite powerful.

    In addition to these two points, Star 14 high-performance thin and light book in the screen, keyboard, interface and other parts that affect the control experience also has a good performance, comprehensive use experience excellent. For those who pay attention to value and performance, the Star 14 is the best choice for you, and as a productivity tool, the Star 14 is one of the best products in the mainstream price range.

Acer extraordinary S3

    The second Acer extraordinary S3, as Acer's newly launched thin and light notebook, the biggest highlight of the extraordinary S3 is equipped with Intel's latest eleventh-generation Core processors, and through the Intel Evo certification.

    As the most cost-effective Intel Evo-certified notebooks on the market, Acer's extraordinary S3 has reached a higher standard beyond its own price, whether in terms of design, quality of workmanship, or hardware performance, experience, etc., which makes Acer's extraordinary S3 popular among users. And in addition to the regular color model, Acer extraordinary S3 also continue to try to innovate, launched a gradient blue color model - Acer extraordinary S3 summer coast, it uses a silver + blue gradient color design, give me the feeling is a great sense of technology, to meet the aesthetic needs of young users.

    In addition, as a thin and light laptop, Acer's extraordinary S3 has excellent portability, its weight is as light as 1.2kg and thickness is as thin as 15.9mm, daily commute into a backpack or a slightly larger satchel, it can be carried easily and will not become a burden.

    The Acer S3 has a 14-inch display with a narrow bezel design on three sides that gives it a screen-to-body ratio of 83%, with a FHD IPS panel and 100% sRGB color gamut, providing users with a comfortable viewing experience. In addition, its screen also uses a 1W low-power panel, which lays the foundation for the whole machine to improve the endurance.

Lenovo Yoga 13s 2021

    The last recommendation is this Lenovo Yoga 13s 2021, which has always been in the middle and high end of Lenovo's Yoga series of thin and light books, known for its fine workmanship, simple appearance and ultimate portability, and naturally the price has always been in the middle to high position. But this time, Lenovo will Yoga 13s 2021 price directly to the mainstream price segment of about 6000 yuan, can be described as extremely fragrant and very fragrant.

    Lenovo Yoga 13s 2021 is equipped with the latest Intel 11th generation Core processors, integrated with the new Torch Xe core graphics, paired with dual-channel 16GB LPDDR4x 4266MHz high frequency memory. The product is also certified by Intel Evo Platform.

    Lenovo Yoga 13s 2021 has a screen with excellent visual experience, 13-inch, 2.5K resolution, 16:10 golden ratio, 100% sRGB high color gamut, DC dimming support, four-edge micro-bezel, 91% screen-to-body ratio, whether for office or entertainment, this screen can bring good viewing experience.

    Yoga 13s 2021 uses the new Unibody Stamping 4.0 technology, 20 complex processes, all-metal body, surface anodizing, no excessive line decoration, the continuation of the Yoga simple atmospheric appearance, the whole weight of only 1.19KG, as thin as 13.8mm, so thin and light products are generally more attractive to girls, and The standard portable charging head, put in the bag, say go.

    The above three products are good and not expensive, your queen / prince deserves to have, hurry up and arrange it.