The battle of the high-end market, the actual test takes you to understand how the Magic3 tunes Snapdragon 888+

Grover AUG 16,2021

As a cell phone series carrying the business gene of the brand, the ultimate performance and excellent quality is what it has been pursuing. When it comes to performance, the first thing that comes to mind most of the time must be the chip, as the most important core of the phone hardware, it determines whether the phone can run smoothly, but with the increasing trend of assimilation of core hardware, simply looking at the processor to assess whether a phone is excellent has become increasingly undesirable, this time, in addition to the chip "tuning "also become critical.

August 12, glory released a new generation of flagship Magic3 series, as a "full flagship" performance is one of the vital core, the synergy of hardware and software optimization is very important, at the level of software optimization, glory has been considered "old driver In the software optimization level, glory has been considered as "old driver", in 2018 with "GPU Turbo" technology to significantly improve the GPU performance, so that the phone has a better experience in the game.


Performance: Continuous high frame performance with hardware and software synergy

Usually, playing a game can intuitively understand the phone's performance and hardware-software synergy, and the performance test scenario is very close to the actual usage environment. In the game, in addition to the quality of the image itself, we can also increase the phone's frame rate by increasing the phone's load, if it can not withstand the high frame load will be overheated, then the phone will control its own temperature by automatically lowering the frequency, reduce the smoothness of the screen.

This time I chose "QQ Speed", "King of Glory", "Call of Duty", "Original God" four mainstream hand games to open the phone performance, through the game when the real-time frame rate, cell phone temperature, game experience from three perspectives, one by one analysis of the glory Magic3 "tuning" how.

"Glory of Kings

This time, the "glory of kings" game tested for a total of 35 minutes, before the game began to turn on the ultra-high frame rate, ultra-high quality and anti-aliasing in such conditions through PerfDog recorded game screen data shows that the Magic3 can still run at 88.6 frames continuously, (the two significant frame drops are the end and beginning of the game) in the process of the actual game experience is very smooth.

QQ Speed

In the game "QQ Speed", one game (2 minutes) and 30 minutes long respectively to make the test. Before the game started, the image quality was set to super high, the resolution was super HD, the frame rate was super high, and the power saving mode was turned off to show the performance of the CPU under high intensity conditions; in the first test, the average frame rate was 119.4 fps, and the average frame rate was 109.2 fps in the continuous 30-minute uninterrupted test, noting that each significant frame drop was between the end of the last game and the next. When the game started, the screen data showed no significant fluctuations in the frame rate curve, and there was no lag in the game experience.

The Original God

Before the test of "The Original God" started, the image quality was set to the extreme image quality and 60 fps, even so the Magic3 still reached an average of 53.5 fps, running smoothly in the operation of "The Original God" which requires high performance of the phone, and the frame rate graph also shows that there is no serious frame drops even when the performance is full.

Call of Duty Handheld

Before the start of Call of Duty, the frame rate was checked to the specified maximum of 90 fps, anti-aliasing was turned on, and the average frame rate was controlled to above 85 reaching 87.8 in the three-minute game test. There were several fluctuations in the frame rate graph where the editor died several times, but the overall game fluency was not any problem.

High frame and high quality of these and the glory Magic3 "tuning" inseparable, GPU Turbo X graphics acceleration engine technology, according to the characteristics of the game CPU, GPU, DDR for the whole process, so that the game more smoothly at the same time also let the phone power consumption is smaller, lower heat generation. The OS Turbo X technology used makes fixes in memory calls and software opening times, mainly using an ultra-low latency engine, where the CPU intelligently identifies usage scenarios through scheduling, thus reducing the start-up time of games.

Smart memory for smooth operation

OS Turbo X technology is also equipped with a smart memory engine, which uses part of the flash memory as memory through flash memory fusion technology (8GB+2GB smart memory is equivalent to 10GB) to ensure a non-stop experience when switching between multiple applications.

The Magic3 is equipped with a smart memory engine technology that increases the efficiency of memory usage and prioritizes the protection of applications such as games and videos, which has been tested to run 15 applications at a time to ensure normal operating efficiency and running status.

Heat dissipation: AI intelligent heat dissipation management keeps the temperature at your fingertips

Heat dissipation: AI intelligent heat dissipation management keeps the temperature at your fingertips

Glory Magic3 series uses superconducting hexagonal crystal graphene technology and ultra-thin VC liquid cooling three-dimensional cooling technology, as well as AI intelligent thermal management system built-in up to 17 temperature sensors, real-time monitoring and timely adjustment of the use of temperature from the source to control the power consumption, heat and other issues also make the battery life has been improved.

In the process of this game test, the configuration will be full to let the phone overload operation, heat dissipation has also become another test of it, we will measure the phone temperature from the beginning of the game before the end of the game to show whether he is "hot" under the conditions of overload operation; this time a total of two intercepted data from the "QQ Speed" and "King's Glory" respectively. The two pieces of data were taken from QQ Speed and Glory of Kings.

QQ Speed

Before playing the game
Temperature curvature graph after 30 minutes of game play
Temperature of the phone's rear case after the game

In the 30-minute "QQ Speed" game test, the average temperature before the game was 32.05 ℃ after the test was completed, the phone's back panel temperature was 36.77 ℃, in the entire game process, the phone did not occur back panel hot hands frequency reduction and other phenomena, hands in the touch did not feel the temperature increased significantly, from the 30-minute CPU temperature curvature graph observed the highest temperature of 48 ℃, the average temperature at 45.5 ℃, the CPU temperature control is relatively conservative. CPU temperature control is relatively conservative, the results are very good.

Glory of the King

Phone temperature before the game started
Temperature curvature graph of the game for 35 minutes
Phone temperature after the test is completed
Phone temperature after five minutes of resting

In the test "glory of the king" game, we obtained a sample of 35 minutes, before the test cell phone shell temperature of 35.31 ℃, after 35 minutes of intense fighting cell phone shell temperature of 43.63, compared with the last game temperature slightly increased, but in control of the normal range, the phone after five minutes of rest again when the temperature has dropped to 37.37 ℃, let us observe again The maximum temperature of CPU in the game is 48℃, and the average temperature is 44.3℃. The comprehensive observation of its software and hardware combined with intelligent cooling management system is still very successful.

Cooling capacity is so excellent thanks to Magic3 using superconducting hexagonal crystal graphene technology and ultra-thin VC liquid cooling three-dimensional cooling technology also has 17 built-in temperature sensors to facilitate AI intelligent thermal management, real-time monitoring and timely adjustment of the use of temperature, from the source to control the power consumption, heat and other issues also make the battery life has been improved


In today's increasingly serious convergence of cell phones, the needs of users are not only satisfied with a powerful core, amazing overall ability, the ultimate feeling of use, in order to make the pursuit of higher quality of user satisfaction. Different "tuning" method in the use of the feeling of a lot of different. Right now, what kind of tuning is considered excellent, I believe the user has more say than the manufacturer.

Glory Magic3 is a good example, through the appropriate software optimization algorithm adaptation, not only let the use of the feeling of a higher level, but also let the phone become more "know" you, if you want to ask me which phone is more worth buying, I prefer to recommend you to experience one by one, hardware matters I can give you the most pertinent I can give you the most impartial advice on hardware matters, but no one knows themselves better than you on software optimization.