The snail house can also be a small capital Intelligent projection gives you quality of life

Borg AUG 10,2021

      The soaring price of housing has made more and more people living in snail's pace, but did you know that you can actually live in a small house and have a quality of life? Today I recommend a smart projector, it can make your small bedroom instantly transformed into a large screen theater, to give you an immersive drama experience, interested friends come to see it.

Youpai Q7+ Intelligent Projection

       The author would like to recommend the Q7+ smart projection, which is stylish and simple, in line with the aesthetics of today's youth. The lens is designed to be centered and more convenient to hang. The body is made of bronze gold and black, which adds a touch of vintage to the technology.

      The Q7+ smart projection has 1080P full HD resolution, and has perfect picture quality on a 100-inch screen. The machine is also equipped with HDR as standard, which effectively improves the contrast of the screen with richer details in the dark areas. In addition, the brightness of the machine is also up to 1200 ANSI lumens, which can be used normally in bright environments.

Ubiquitous Q7+ Smart Projection

      The Q7+ is equipped with an intelligent system and has a wealth of built-in movie and TV resources, whether it's Hollywood blockbusters or various variety shows. In addition, the machine is equipped with AI intelligent level voice remote control, move your mouth to operate the machine, more convenient to use. The machine is on sale at Jingdong Mall, so if you are interested, don't miss the opportunity to buy.