Tired and happy technology geeks how to spend the first day of the May Day holiday

Evan MAY 01,2021

The first day of the May Day holiday has come, I think many of the partners who have been looking forward to the holiday for a long time should embark on a journey to travel HAPPY it. In fact, this holiday I also want to go out with the family to relax, after all, because the reason for the New Year in situ, the northern drift of the editor has not been home for a long time to see their parents. But due to some special reasons, this May Day can only be "in situ vacation".

Although it is a vacation in place, but still a little ritual is not? So I decided to share my schedule for the first day of the May Day holiday with you. See how I "do not forget the original intention" and focus on labor on May 1 Labor Day!

Wake up at 9:00 am: a cup of soy milk to wake up a day of good life

I don't know when I started to change from a young guy who never eats breakfast in the morning to a health-conscious uncle who compromises because of his age. But as a lazy techie, it's impossible to get up in the morning and make a complicated breakfast, so drinking soy milk in the morning has become my unfailing habit.

A cup of soy milk is simple and nutritious, and when it comes to soy milk, I have to mention the soy milk machine, because many young people are reluctant to go out in the morning, so let alone go out to buy breakfast in the morning, especially I am such a young person who is not willing to primp early, even if the breakfast store is at the doorstep I will never go out. So the soybean milk machine has become my choice!

The advantage of the soybean milk machine is the ease of use, want to drink it, from the loading of beans to the finished soybean milk, only 30 minutes of time. If you don't even want to wait 30 minutes, consider putting the soy milk directly in the soy milk machine a night in advance, set the time, and then get up the next morning and drink it directly isn't super convenient?

Many people will say why the home beating of soy milk is too thick, want to drink water water kind of feeling of soy milk. In fact, this is not to blame for the soybean milk machine, the main reason is that you put more beans, generally a liter of water thirty or forty beans is enough, so out of the soybean milk than sold outside the mellow, the taste is good.

10 am: the most annoying thing to do laundry

Washing clothes has always been a major pain point for me, although nowadays there are washing machines, but for me, this OCD, washing and drying clothes is the biggest headache. Every time I look at the home hanging a pile of wet clothes, there is a kind of inexplicable headache.

How to solve this problem? The best way I can think of is to buy a clothes dryer, but there is really no place for a clothes dryer at home, so a clothes dryer has become a dream appliance for me. It's not because I can't afford it, it's just because there's no place. I can't help it. Who can let the price of land in Beijing be so expensive?

Since there is no space, let's stick to manual drying. It's good to let the clothes dry in the sun. But in the future, when I change the house, I must buy a dryer, every time after washing directly dry, sterilization and convenient, than hanging clothes comfortable too much.

10:30 am: lazy people must, sweeping robot synchronization cleaning health

Since it is May Day, the ground cleaning is naturally an essential part of the process, for lazy me, I have not personally swept the floor for several years. But truth be told my floors should be cleaner than most homes! The reason for this is that I have been using a floor cleaning robot to clean my house.

The reason for this is that I have been using a floor cleaning robot.

A lot of people feel that sweeping robots do not clean the floor, in fact, this problem really does not exist. The robot can not only sweep the floor, but also with the mopping function of the floor sweeper can also help you mop the floor by the way.

The robot is a tool that is not suitable for watching it work, you go about your own business, and wait for it to finish cleaning back to accept the results can be. And, because the sweeping robot is not afraid of tiredness, so you worry about once sweep not clean users, you can let it sweep two or even three times is no problem, I can guarantee that after three sweeps, 99% of the garbage on the ground at home can be cleaned.

11:30am: Simply eat a hand-rolled noodle

After a long morning of work, I'm not in the mood to make a luxurious meal, so I'll simply have a hand-rolled noodle. I'm really talking about hand-rolled noodles here!

Of course, my hand-rolled pasta is not rolled by my own hands, but by the chef machine. The chef machine is a very typical westernized electrical product, the use of domestic use is not high. Indeed, compared to the ice, washing and air appliances such as the immediate needs, the need to buy a chef machine is not high.

Although the need is not high, but does not mean that the chef machine useless! Like our daily chopping, mixing, and pasta, whipping egg whites, rolling and even juicing, high-end chef machine can help you complete, in short, I think with a chef machine is still a very time-saving thing.

3pm: A glass of freshly squeezed juice to refresh

After eating and taking a short lunch break, I woke up still not feeling very energetic, so I decided to give myself something to do, so I thought of having a glass of freshly squeezed juice.

Freshly squeezed juice must use the cooking machine ah! After a simple peeling, directly throw the whole fruit into the cooking machine can be, 1 minute time a cup of juice out. If you feel that the juice is too thick, you can add some ice water and sugar to taste. Drinking a glass of your own freshly squeezed juice is still very enjoyable.

In addition, about juicing this thing, I also share a little secret to you. If you want pure juice without pulp and pure taste, then I suggest you choose the original juicer. If you are looking for functionality, I suggest you buy a cooking machine, which has more features and is also not bad for juicing.

5pm: Robots help me make a luxurious meal

Since I'm on vacation and have more free time, I'd like to make a big meal to treat myself. I'm actually a good cook, but I'm just lazy when it comes to resting time.

But lazy people have a good plan, so I took out my stir-fry heirloom, automatic stir-fry machine. Prepare your own side dishes and seasonings, just pour them into the pan in order, and wait for the food to come out.

Whether it is stir-fried meat or stir-fried vegetables, give the stir-fry machine are completely OK, the stir-fried dishes also look very good. The beef will not be photographed for everyone to see, look how I made the asparagus shrimp!

The stir-fry machine is very convenient to use, taste and flavor how to say it? Than the chef's level I think it is still a little worse, but for home cooking, I think it has been very good. And the process of frying without oil smoke, but also more healthy.

7pm: Have a good meal and go to bed with a "health check"

A busy day has passed, it is better to give yourself a break in the evening and relax a little. Lie in the massage chair to come to an hour of "horse kill chicken" not to mention how comfortable.

Massage chair I think there is enough space at home must buy one, anytime and anywhere you can massage is really a very easy thing to make yourself happy. Of course, the choice of massage chairs is also very important, low budget users are recommended not to be less than 6000 yuan, because the effect of massage chairs below 6000 yuan are more general.

my first day of May Day is over, but also wish you all a happy holiday in the next few days!