What are the recommended Lenovo thin and light notebooks in 2021

Hobart AUG 10,2021

  The thin and light book is a necessity for high frequency use of workers, it is easy to carry with, the battery life to give, but also often travel to fight workers' narrative, such as the author of this rarely involved in video editing and not much running large software people, a thin and light book can meet the demand, the same recommended to the need for thin and light book partners.

Note: This article will recommend the Lenovo brand of thin and light notebook products, recommended ideas: Jingdong Lenovo thin and light notebook sales list.

Lenovo Xiaoxin Air15 Core Edition

Reference price: 4999 yuan

Product Configuration: i5-1155G7 16G 512G High Color Gamut 

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  Lenovo Xiaoxin Air 15 2021 is equipped with Core i5-1135G7 processor whether it is document application, video application or game entertainment, it can bring ample performance guarantee. At the same time, the Lenovo Air 15 2021 has outstanding portability, as a 15.6-inch model, the whole machine is as light as 1.7kg and as thin as 16.9mm, both the weight and size will not become a burden for daily commuting.

  The Lenovo Air 15 2021 features a 100% sRGB high color gamut eye protection screen, which allows for a more realistic display of image colors and an immersive visual experience. In addition, the screen brightness can also reach 300nits, while supporting DC dimming (no flicker screen), to reduce eye fatigue for a long time, to better protect the health of vision, more in line with the needs of the discerning young people, even for professional users in the field of visual design to use without any problems. The key thing is that Lenovo Air 15 2021 is such an all-around god, the minimum is only 4999 yuan, is not very fragrant?

Lenovo Xiaoxin Air 14 Sharp Dragon Edition

Reference price: 4699 yuan

Product configuration: 6 cores 12 threads R5-5500U 16G 512G high color gamut WiFi6

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  The main upgrade of the Lenovo Air 14 2021 Dragon Edition is to update the CPU to the AMD Dragon 5000 series mobile processor, equipped with the specific model AMD Dragon 5 5500U (up to the optional Dragon 7 5800U), the Dragon 5000 series mobile processor compared to the previous generation is a very obvious improvement, its 7nm process, Zen 2 architecture, IPC (instruction count per clock cycle) increased by up to IPC (instructions per clock cycle) by as much as 15%, continuing the strong momentum of AMD's Rex 4000 series desktop processors.

  The Lenovo Xiaoxin Air 14 2021 Dragon Edition comes with 16GB of DDR4 3200MHz dual-channel memory (onboard non-replaceable), and the higher memory capacity and frequency are helpful in improving the overall smoothness of the system.

Lenovo YOGA 14s Core Edition

Reference price: August 10, 10:00 seconds price 6299 yuan

Product configuration: i5-11300H 16G 512G MX450 2.8K 90Hz eye protection screen

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  YOGA 14s thin and light notebook Intel version is equipped with the 11th generation Core processor, using 10nm SuperFin process, the new WilliowCove architecture, up to 4.2GHz, compared to the 10th generation Core i5 processor, single-core performance increased by about 19.6%, multi-core performance increased by about 85.3%, and the peak Intel 11 generation Core processor release can reach 38 watts, an obvious boost to productivity.

  The YOGA 14s has a very good interface utility with two Type-Cs, one of which is a charging port and supports data transfer, and the other is a full-featured Type-C. Both Type-Cs are located on the left side, while there is also a HDMI 2.0b and 3.5mm headset-microphone 2-in-1 port on the left side. The boot button is located on the right side of the body, while there are two USB 3.2 Gen 1, one of which supports power-off charging, and a microSD card reader slot next to it, which deserves some praise.

Lenovo Xiaoxin Pro14

Reference Price: RMB 5699

Product configuration: 8-core R7-5800H 16G 512G 2.2K low blue light eye protection screen

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  Lenovo Xiaoxin Pro14 2021 Standard Sharp Dragon Edition meets the needs of users with a large screen, equipped with a 14-inch narrow-bezel matte screen with 2.2K high resolution, 100% sRGB high color gamut, 300nit brightness, support for DC dimming without screen flash and dual Rheinland eye protection certification. Not only that, Lenovo XiaoXin Pro142021 standard pressure sharp dragon version also support open cover open face recognition, screen brightness intelligent adjustment, keyboard backlight intelligent adjustment, people go automatically lock screen and other functions.

  In terms of design, the Lenovo Xiaoxin Pro142021 Standard Pressure Dragon Edition has a silver metal body, is as thin as 14.6mm and as light as 1.3Kg, both in weight and size, and will not become a burden for daily commuting or outings. At the same time, Lenovo XiaoXin Pro142021 Standard Sharp Dragon Edition built-in 61Wh high-capacity battery, support PD fast charging, the official said, 1 hour to charge about 80%, charging 15 minutes can be used for 2 hours.

Lenovo YOGA 14s Sharp Dragon Edition

Reference price: August 10 00:00 seconds price 5999 yuan

Product configuration: R7-5800H 16G 512G 2.8K 90Hz high refresh screen

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  If you have requirements for notebook weight, battery life, screen and CPU performance, the Lenovo YOGA 14s 2021 model is a good choice for the standard pressure Raider Edition. With only 1.4KG, it packs a huge 61Wh battery, which makes me feel more secure during business trips. On this 2.8K high resolution high refresh rate screen, brush the information stream, watch movies, the experience is really good. The most important 45W performance release allows AMD Raider 7 5800H to unleash its performance, whether it's daily web multi-page opening or handling some light professional software, it can also be more relaxed and smooth.