Wisdom rear view more than 400 years 2021 car recorder on buy it

Ivan AUG 13,2021

       In 2021, the form of the car recorder has been able to upgrade, the traditional only camera products can not meet the multiple needs of users, if you want to wisdom rearview mirror products, then the 360 car recorder M320 is your dish.

       360 car recorder M320 configuration 9.35-inch IPS HD full touch LCD display, real-time display car rear road conditions. 360 car recorder M320 has a front 1440P, rear camera 1080P camera capacity, can easily record more details of the car.

       In terms of driving safety, the M320 equipped with video glare suppression algorithm can sense the intensity of light at night and automatically adjust the imaging effect according to the environment. In addition, the CMOS camera with f/1.8 aperture, night shooting clear, whether it is daytime travel or home at night, do not worry about shooting outside the car.

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       360 car recorder M320 is also equipped with intelligent voice control system, just move your mouth to achieve the operation of the switch screen, recording, taking pictures, mute and other functions, so that people can easily and quickly control the car recorder, whether novice or veteran, driving can be more secure and safe.