Workplace professionals use it for meetings intelligent business projection to give you high efficiency

Chad AUG 10,2021

      The increasingly fierce competition in society makes companies also put forward higher requirements for the efficiency of employees, today I recommend an intelligent business projector, which supports direct reading and wireless screen projection, so that you can eliminate the trouble of wiring in meetings, collaboration more efficient, interested friends can pay more attention.

BenQ E520 business projection

      BenQ E520 projector continues the classic shape of BenQ E series, with a strong business atmosphere, while the compact body does not take up too much indoor space. This product uses manual focus, so at the top of the lens are two knobs to adjust the screen size and focal length.

BenQ E520 is equipped with an intelligent system designed for business scenarios

       The BenQ E520 projector uses DLP projection technology with a standard resolution of 1024 x 768, projecting a sharp enough image to meet the application needs of most scenarios. The projection ratio of the machine is 1.96~2.15, with a wide range of screen adjustment, which can cope with various usage environments.

      BenQ E520 intelligent business projector is equipped with Android 6.0 system, customized UI design focused on the business office field, the main interface of the system display to cast screen function. It also comes with a wireless hotspot, other devices can directly wirelessly cast screen, even if there is no network environment does not affect the normal use of everyone.